Sittee River Ecology

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The study of the ecology of Sittee River in Central Belize (MAPS) began with the opening of the Possum Point Biological Station in the 1980’s by Paul and Mary Shave.  Over the past 35 years, this station has hosted hundreds of travel-study courses by colleges, universities and high schools from across the United States.  The river and its surroundings are an excellent outdoor classroom for observing and studying aspects of tropical biology and ecology, due to the diversity of habitats and species that are found here (GALLERY).

The information presented on this website was primarily developed during travel-study courses from the University of Maryland, aided by staff from the biological station.  These courses initially focused on basic ecology of the river ecosystem and the riparian forest.  Over time, course emphasis shifted to aspects of the human economy and to sustainable development in the village of Sittee River.  A book manuscript is presented here (SITTEE RIVER BOOK) that describes the ecology and economy of the river and the village that share the same name.  It is hoped that this book will be a useful reference for students and ecotourists who visit Sittee River.

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